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The Hung Fut System has had eight generations of grandmasters who oversee the direction and purity of this unique style of Kung Fu. Our teacher, Sifu Tai Yim, is the Eighth Generation Grandmaster of the Hung Fut System. By keeping our system pure and true to our founder's vision, we are keeping alive a treasure of the Shaolin Temple. It is our belief that only through hard work and diligent daily training will we keep ourselves and our style up to the true standard of traditional Shaolin Martial Arts. It is not only the system, but primarily the individual who makes the system great.

Twelve Rules of the Shaolin Temple

1. Never take advantage of woman, children, or others.
2. Never commit a crime.
3. Never behave conceitedly.
4. Never teach another person without direct permission from Sifu.
5. Never be involved with drugs, alcohol, or in causing trouble.
6. Never hurt or maim another person.
7. Never befriend a bad or evil person.
8. Never disrespect or be rude to your seniors, even behind their backs.
9. Never bully another person.
10. Never brag or lie about your skill.
11. Never forget your duties because of money.
12. Never forget your righteous virtue because of temptation.

Twelve Rules of the Hung Fut School

1. Never laugh or talk loudly, make noise, or behave foolishly during class.
2. Never form cliques within the school.
3. Never tease another student or ridicule other people, schools, or systems of martial arts.
4. Never ignore a problem if something happens in the school.
5. Never make decisions for the school without discussing them with the school. These decisions include demonstrations and participating in tournaments.
6. Never damage equipment or property of the school.
7. Never teach another without Sifu's direct permission or practice techniques you have never been taught.
8. Never come to class unless you come for kung fu.
9. Always respect Sifu and his instructors.
10. Always respect and help other students.
11. Always study and practice kung fu seriously.
12. Always respect and abide by the rules of the school and kung fu.

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